Laziness is rule number one

An organized clan has to fill every week data about their members into excel sheets. To be honest, this is not our favourite activity. We are lazy - this was rule and reason number one for our manager.

Once a day your clan, war and member data gets fetched from the supercell servers. We save war results, donations, player checkpoints and a lot of other ones and zeros for each member. Important clan data like war participations, ranking progress and other data are also saved and provide you a great overview. Forget about manually filling excel sheets.

Mini pekka without pencakes

Taking a step further

We are all humans - we can't deal with large amounts of data. Collecting data doesn't solve the problems. But we took a step further. Wouldn't it be great to create customized rules for promotions and kicks which will be automatically applied to all members?

Simply like this: To stay in our clan our members must participate in two of three clan wars, win at least one of them and aren't allowed to miss more than one final battle in war. They also must donate at least 200 cards.

That wouldn't just be great - it is great. You can create a customized configuration for your clan. Based on your configuration and our collected data we organize your members in to promote, to demote and to kick lists.

Skeleton hugging the kings crown

Private information should remain private

Our manager allows to save vacations, notes and other personal data for your members. This is private data which shouldn't be accessed by the public. Only clan leader and co-leaders should be able to read this information.

This is ensured by our verification system. When signing up for the manager we ask for your player tag. Then we verify that this player tag is a leader or co-leader in a clan. After this we make sure that this player tag really belongs to the current user.

Archer defending crown tower


A picture is worth a thousand words. When designing the UI it was important to provide clan leaders large amounts of information. But it was even more important not to overload and confuse the user with thousands of numbers. It is a hard line between these two. Take a look at the screenshots to see how we solved this problem.

Royale features

We spent a lot of time and tears teaching our server to do fancy stuff. Collecting large amounts of data while keeping the database as small as possible - not easy. Don't getting frustrated when things don't work as expected - even more difficult. We did our best to make our simple clan manager to a Royale Manager. These are some of the features:


Tons of data are summarized to human readable tables, graphs and charts.


Season-reports and important player data are saved and won't be deleted.


Various player activities like maxing out cards and player checkpoints are tracked.


Prevent unnecessary kicks with managing vacations, creating tags and writing notes.


Your actions, configuration and notes are visible for other co-leaders of your clan.


We try our best and value user feedback to improve our manager from day to day.